Completely Frameless is the only way to go!  Artisan Shower is one of the only vendors in the Columbus, OH market installing completely frameless enclosures. Don’t let anyone tell you that you HAVE to use U-channel or Glass Clips in order to install a “frameless” shower door.  Using a much higher degree of accuracy during measurement, Artisan Shower is able to account for any outages and even bows in walls to the nearest 1/32nd of an inch.  Other installers tend to use U-channel to “hide” these outages making your frameless shower enclosure not so frameless after all.

The Benefits of Going Completely Frameless!

Aesthetics – Frameless doors are much more appealing than framed or semi-frameless doors and give your bathroom a modern and sophisticated look that compliments almost any decoration style and is generally the centerpiece of a bathroom.
Easy to clean and maintain – Frameless shower doors can be easier to maintain since the glass makes direct contact with your tile and eliminates corrosion that builds up on the metal track of its framed counterpart.
Open up the space – Using a clear glass shower door tends to give the illusion that a bathroom is larger than it actually is. 
Durability – Some people may be concerned with their frameless glass doors breaking or shattering.  Tempered glass is extremely strong, up to ten times stronger than regular plate glass, and will stand up to years or use without any danger of breaking.
Added Value – Adding a frameless shower door can bring your bathroom(s) up to date and increase the value of your home overall.